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Broccoli microgreens are the most concentrated natural sources of sulforaphane – a powerful antioxidant that activates your body’s NRF2 system to trigger over 200 genes involved in fighting oxidative stress.

By activating your body’s natural regulatory pathway, sulforaphane has been shown to play a role in detoxification of carcinogens, protection against cardiovascular diseases, and reducing inflammation, all of which contribute to your longevity.

Lion’s Mane mushrooms contain erinacines, which have neuroprotective effects by fighting against oxidative stress in the brain. These along with other key actives in Lion’s Mane play a role in memory, focus, and overall brain health. Additionally, Lion’s Mane contains beta-glucans, which are fibers that help boost your body’s immune system and ability to fight off disease. By combining the benefits of these two functional superfoods, EMPWR+ elevates your health for both your mind, and your body.

What is Sulforaphane?

When cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, or cauliflower are damaged or chewed, they release a compound called sulforaphane as part of their defense mechanism.

To create sulforaphane, the plants convert a molecule called glucoraphanin through an enzymatic reaction with myrosinase. Broccoli sprouts and microgreens are one of the highest known sources of glucoraphanin, which means that they provide your body with the most sulforaphane.

Sulforaphane has recently come into the academic spotlight as a powerful treatment for many different ailments, and now has an extensive track-record showing that it may be a key component to wellness. Sulforaphane has seen success in many clinical trials dealing with cancer treatment, blood pressure, and cholesterol, and inflammation from universities like Johns Hopkins and University of California, San Francisco, and more.

Our Values

One of our biggest values at Ederra is transparency. EMPWR+ is produced in a vertically integrated fashion, meaning that everything from the microgreen growth to the actual powder creation is done in house. This not only reduces our carbon footprint by negating the need for shipping or transportation, but also allows us to take full control over the ingredients that go into our product. Even our packaging is carefully handpicked to deliver the most top-of-the-line and sustainable product. Our packaging uses unique, 100% recyclable biophotonic violet glass that we purchase from a local family-owned business. This glass is specially designed to increase the shelf-life of natural products, and is made to be used over and over again. Our refill packages are purchased from another Southern California company and are made from fermented plant matter, helping us stay as green and eco-conscious as possible.