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Ederra Empwr+ Product

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Are you ready to elevate your wellness journey to new heights? We’re Ederra, a local farm-to-body superfood supplement brand from San Diego County, CA.

Our supplement, EMPWR+, is the first-ever Broccoli Microgreens and Lion’s Mane supplement designed to elevate your mind and body. What makes it even more special? It's grown on our small family farm!

Ederra Empwr+ Product


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Ryan, Head Farmer at Ederra

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Our commitment to transparency sets us apart. We take pride in being the only farm-to-body superfood supplement company, giving you an unparalleled connection to the source of your wellness.

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EMPWR+ Product by Ederra
EMPWR+ Product by Ederra


Your health is our priority. We chose Broccoli Microgreens and Lion’s Mane mushrooms as the key actives in our formula because of their exceptional health benefits.

Broccoli microgreens are packed with essential nutrients, including sulforaphane, a potent antioxidant known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its potential to support brain health. Lion’s Mane mushrooms, often referred to as the "mushroom of immortality," have been renowned for centuries for their immune-boosting and stress-reducing properties.

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