We are driven by "UBUNTU" - I am because we are.

Ederra creates products for visionaries, entrepreneurs, explorers, and people who push the boundaries. Our formulas also cater to the most cherished individuals in our lives— our sisters, brothers, friends, and mothers.

To create the supplements our customers deserve, we took remarkable steps to revolutionize the production of supplements using our very own Ederra farm. Our dedication to freshness, quality, and sustainability isn't just about being premium; it's about positively impacting the world. At the end of the day, we're not just selling supplements - we're revolutionizing how we take them and how they're made.

As crazy as this might seem, we already hold the key to making this revolution happen. It begins with tapping into a basic human instinct we all share: the innate yearning to accomplish more - to do the extraordinary. Our innate curiosity and passion for innovation are the driving forces behind discovering better ways to produce supplements. The same spirit that compels us to explore the world is the key to ensuring that the world remains a place where we can create the finest supplements for you and your loves ones, now and for generations to come.

We approach challenges with diverse perspectives, bound together by our shared passion of nutrition, sustainability, and making the world a better place.

Vladi Delsoglio

Vladi Delsoglio


A Word From Our CEO

Meet our CEO Vladi Delsoglio, a passionate advocate for health and sustainability. With two decades of experience in high-end design and creative leadership and ormer executive at a NASDAQ-listed company.

Vladi Delsoglio leads the EDERRA team with a mission to revolutionize the supplement industry and empower individuals to live healthier, more vibrant lives. Under Vladi Delsoglio's leadership, EDERRA is pioneering transparency and innovation, setting new standards for quality and efficacy in functional superfoods.

Ruchit Mehta

Ruchit Mehta


Meet our CSO Ruchit Mehta. Born and raised in San Marcos, California He has been fortunate to grow up into a culture where almost every meal Ruchit ate was filled with superfoods like turmeric, and ginger. This taught him about the powerful health benefits that you can get through food, and played a large role in his interest in seeing how we can harness the power of natural products to improve our health.

This passion for superfoods grew when Ruchit was studying chemical biology at UC Berkeley, and led him into a career in researching different greens for supplements. When Ruchit discovered the immense health benefits of microgreens, he knew that they had to be shared with the world.

He truly believes that functional superfoods are going to revolutionize the way we think about health, and he knows that Ederra can supplement your journey to optimal wellness.

Nic Lewis

Nic Lewis

Creative Director

Nic is a creative pro who believes that art is the magical thread that weaves people together, no matter where they come from. With a rich background in photography, graphic design, and creative direction—Nic infuses every project with her unique blend of passion, style, and know-how. She calls the enchanting city of Florence, Italy her home these days, where she’s diving into a Masters in Interior Design and expanding her artistic horizons. When she’s not hitting the books, you’ll find Nic treasure-hunting at vintage markets, whipping up delicious meals, or on spontaneous jaunts to charming Tuscan villages.