A young Chef with a sharp mind and a strict daily routine.

A young Chef with a sharp mind and a strict daily routine.

David Castro is a 25-year-old talented  Executive Chef in San Diego County.

He was  born in Colombia to Mexican and Colombian parents. From a young age he moved to different countries, getting inspired by different cultures.

He opened five successful restaurants in four different countries. Each restaurant showcases his unique fusion of international  cuisines, earning recognition.

Today, he is the executive chef at a renowned restaurant in Del Mar, California, where he continues to innovate and delight diners with  his culinary creations.

Everything he achieved has been through a clear vision, a solid daily routine, and unwavering goals. 

“I start my days early with a workout to stay physically and mentally sharp,” says David with a solid voice tone and deep look in his eyes.

His journey from a young boy in Colombia to a celebrated chef is a testament to the power of passion, hard work, and a clear vision.

Can you share a typical day in your life and how you incorporate discipline and routine into your daily schedule?
Exercise is a must, proper hydration and nutrition too. I usually wake up around. 5-7am depending on how busy I am. I always invest time to learn something new or create something.  I apply discipline in my eating habits, I understand how important it is to get the right nutrition to perform at the highest level.

How do you integrate functional foods into your menus, and what benefits do you see these foods providing to your customers?
I always include nutrient dense foods into my diet, the best water I can afford and highly antioxidant foods, I eat fruit abundantly. Some supplements that I incorporate very often in my daily routine are shilajit and mineral and antioxidant bombs as well as raw apple cider vinegar, raw honey and I am now taking Ederra. It tastes fantastic. 

What role do you believe discipline plays in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, both in and out of the kitchen?
As I said before, it is important to understand the things that need to be done to perform at the highest level. Nutrition, exercise and most importantly sleep. Being disciplined with your sleep schedule will take you to places. 

Can you share any tips or techniques you use to balance the demands of a busy kitchen with your own personal health and wellness?
Simplify understand what are the basic nutritional necessities and physical activities that you need to do to stay healthy and sharp. A tip I would share is to avoid sugar, and to have a very strict eating schedule. Sometimes Chefs just forget to eat. 

What advice would you give to someone looking to incorporate more healthy, functional foods into their daily diet?
Don’t over complicate things.